70m Super Yacht Completes Load Tests for All Deck Equipment

70m Super Yacht Completes Load Tests for All Deck Equipment

Published 13 August 2020
Published 13 August 2020

Our load testing team were contracted to perform a range of tests on various cranes for a 70m Trinity Yachts built client.

The LEEA certified team carried our a number of different tests according to regulation and class for the yacht’s starboard Tender Swing Jib Beam Crane, SOLAS Rescue Tender Crane, aft-deck Elbow Crane, Side-Boarding Ladder and Passerelle.

Our Lead Testing Manager, Anthony Eland, talks us through the various tests…

‘’Following a service by the manufacturer, the 4500kg SWL tender swing jib beam crane cable was replaced with a 20mm Dyneema line supplied by Hampidjan. A specialist lifting hook with a Working Load Limit WLL of 4000kg was spliced onto the crane cable so we had to lower the WLL of the entire crane to coincide with the weakest component in the system. We can decrease the WLL if necessary but we cannot increase WLL of any lifting appliance or accessory. We stretched the new line to the perfect length by applying the working load limit, allowing the hook assembly to sit flush when the cable is fully retracted.

The Straightpoint shackle load cell from Crosby used to measure loads has a very sleek mobile app allowing wireless use giving highly accurate readings and producing excellent results so our clients can be assured of their’s, and the yacht’s safety.

Every millimetre of tender clearance matters even on larger vessels; bigger yacht, bigger tender.’’ Says Anthony

‘‘Moving on to the SOLAS Rescue Tender Crane, we performed a dynamic load test for their Class Registry, witnessed by the flag surveyor and a technician from the crane manufacturer; Nautical Structures.

The Load Tests conducted onboard were performed with Seaflex Water Weight System Load Bag and a Straightpoint 6.5t WLS6.5T-BLE, carried out by our LEEA Certified Lifting Engineers in accordance with SOLAS Regulation III/20.

During the post-test inspection, a number of fibres on the 12mm Dyneema crane cable had ruptured so the cable needed to be replaced.

Luckily our splicing manager, Sergi, was on call and came as soon as he could to install and splice the new Dynice Dux 12mm Dyneema crane cable in situ as he knew time was of the essence for the vessels to meet their survey requirements.

Our load testing team then re-performed the test and managed to certify the crane in time before the surveyor departed.

‘’Following this test, we then moved on to the Aft deck elbow crane used for lifting motorcycles and cargo and put it through a dynamic test to 750kg. This actually wasn’t wasn’t essential to meet class but was the vessel performing their own due diligence and good practice. If it lifts, there is risk, where there is risk, certify it.

‘‘It’s not just the cranes that need to be put through their paces, every piece of equipment on board that carries any sort of load, including the loose lifting gear, needs to be regularly tested for safety, and for class. 

Aboard this yacht we were also asked to test their passerelle and side boarding ladder. The passerelle was tested by lowering it to it’s maximum angle of 20º before the load was applied.

The side boarding ladder was checked for any signs of deformation; steady as a rock. 

Please don’t think boarding ladder / passerelle load tests are only for the big boats, everyone uses them, guests and crew alike. Get them certified annually as a minimum and do your best to keep everyone safe.’’


Mission accomplished and happy clients!

If you would like to consult with our team, please contact Anthony at loadtesting@rsb-rigging.com. 

We also offer a subscription service + discount for scheduling your required annual load tests with us in advance


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