What Do You Know About Our Load Testing Department? Have a Look Below:

What Do You Know About Our Load Testing Department? Have a Look Below:

Published 10 December 2019
Published 10 December 2019

Load testing, heavy lifting and certification. 

We are based in Palma de Mallorca but we also deliver our services to mainland Spain and most areas of Europe. 

We can perform load tests and inspection onboard or you can send items to our workshop if the vessel is busy. 


All products are designed to your specification, manufactured to precision from the best quality materials, CE marked and certified with a declaration of conformity to European standards and with a directions of safe use manual. We can take care of all measurements, specification, disassembly, installation and risk assessments for;

– Custom crane cables
– Bespoke multi-leg slings for lifting; tenders, PWC’s, Toys, motorbikes, ATV’s & other Vehicles
– Tender towing lines
– Access Rail Systems ARS
– Shackles
– Designed or generic strops 
– Pad eyes


For a vessel to operate to EU standards and the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC the following items should be certified at the time intervals listed;

6 monthly

Certificate of thorough examination for all lifting accessories and any item used for attaching loads to machinery for lifting; shackles, slings, strops, hooks, hoists, ropes, person lifting/climbing harnesses, fall arrest and safety lines.  

12 monthly

Load testing and thorough examination of all lifting equipment and any work equipment for lifting and lowering loads; crane cables, passerelles, boarding ladders, pad eyes, Access Rail Systems, fixed lifting points. 

Person Lifting 

We facilitate the annual inspection, servicing, load testing and certification of existing Access Rail supply, installation and certification of Harken and Ronstan pad eyes and all Access Rail System (ARS) components on any sized vessel. 


We can fabricate, install, load test and certify new crane cables and lifting poles to your required specification. We also facilitate the servicing of existing cranes components and hydraulic systems with our partner Marine Hydraulic Solutions. 

Heavy Lifting

RSB can arrange the lifting of large unusual loads; transom/tender garage doors, shell doors, engine room equipment, furniture, vehicles, large deliveries/removals. 

All products, tests and certificates are designed to comply with EU regulations and the flag state of your vessel. Let us know what your individual requirements

Contact us today for details of our discounted subscription services which are available to vessels with a regular schedule and maintenance plan: Load Testing and Heavy Lifting Manager Anthony Eland +34608045655 loadtesting@rsb-rigging.com

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