What are the Regs and Advice Surrounding Re-Testing On-Board Cranes?

What are the Regs and Advice Surrounding Re-Testing On-Board Cranes?

Published 6 February 2018
Published 6 February 2018

Are you aware that it is advised to re-inspect your crane cables on board annually? And are you clear on the regulations and circumstances under which your cranes should be re-tested? Read on below:

Our LEEA certified team carry out load testing of cranes on board superyachts under LY3 regs (or any other regulations required by class).

The re-testing of cranes is to be carried out in the following circumstances:
a. Following any structural repair, alteration or re-erection of the appliances;
b. At every fifth Annual Thorough Survey, or in accordance with the requirements of the National Administration

These tests need not be as extensive as the initial tests, but it must be demonstrated that the test load can be raised and lowered. It is preferable also for the crane to be slewed and luffed during the re-test, but this may be waived at the discretion of the Surveyor

Cranes having a safe working load not exceeding 15t may be re-tested using a spring or hydraulic weighing machine, provided:
a. The machine has an accuracy within ±2.0 per cent and the load is applied for at least five minutes with the indicator remaining constant;
b. The support point for the machine is adequately strengthened to avoid overstressing of the supporting structure; and
c. This method of test is acceptable to the appropriate National and Port Authorities

Following testing and / or visual inspection, should your crane cables need replacing it is important to consult with a certified LEEA member for your cables to be fabricated and tested under regulations for class and insurance purposes…

So what is the procedure here?

‘Firstly, we verify working load limit, then specify the correct cable, check clearances and regulations… and then build the line.’
Allan Wester​, Head of RSB Splicing Division (also certified with LEEA)

…And how would we know that they need replacing?

‘It is advisable to inspect all certified lifting equipment annually. Some crane manufacturers have started producing lift counters on the cranes, This allows the on board personnel to check how many lifts the crane cable has done in its service life. The crane manufacture will specify the quantity of lifts the cable is allowed prior to changeout. Please note the crane cable should be checked prior to any lift and a full visual inspection should be carried out yearly.’

Contact Chris@rsb-rigging.com for all load testing and heavy lifting in Palma by our LEEA certified team.

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