A week in the life of RSB Rigging Solutions

A week in the life of RSB Rigging Solutions

Published 24 February 2014
Published 24 February 2014

Just another normal week for RSB Rigging Solutions saw work being carried out on SY Schwanensee, Magic Blue, Mondango, Destination, J-Class Velsheda, Keahloha 8, Clan VIII, Bauirdo, Soltaire and Nephele! All this whilst our splicing man on the ground, Allan Wester, was at MB92 in Barcelona giving a demonstration for the Rope and Hardware Seminar in conjunction with Pinmar Supply.

Here’s a run down from the riggers:

S/Y Schwanensee: early on in the week we unstepped Schwanensee. The standing rigging was then removed the following day and the spar stripped of working parts so they can be serviced.

The mast was then hung for painting and the rods have been measured and NDT tested in line with a 4-year refit program.

S/Y Magic Blue: Working alongside Dale Fisher from FutureFibres, we changed the D1’s and V3/D4’s from PBO cables to their solid Carbon rod product.

S/Y Mondango: Both the main and mizzen masts were transferred to high load trolleys and the Kevlar aft rigging was installed. The rod headstays were all pressed and assembled and the work has now begun on pressing the diagonals. New deck crane cables have also been fabricated and are ready for installation.

S/Y Clan VIII: Both carbon head stay foils had been previously removed to enable repair work to be carried out. While the foil work was being carried out by BM Composites we replaced a number of rods and re-headed a number of others. The forestay rods were then re-installed in the rebuilt foils and both stays re-installed on the boat allowing them to leave on time for the Caribbean.

S/Y Destination: Re-installing mast fittings after painting.

S/Y Velsheda: Hanging the boom ready for painting.

S/Y Keahloha 8: The mast with new standing rigging has been dock tuned and is now ready for sea trials.

S/Y Bauirdo: The rods have been re-headed and NDT work has been completed confirming all rods are in serviceable condition.

S/Y Solitare: Work is continuing with the production of the new running rigging package.

All in all, just a normal week for RSB Rigging Solutions, a big thanks to the exceptional team and the work they carry out.

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