Keep up-to-date with RSB Rigging News


Keep up-to-date with RSB Rigging News


Load Testing New On-board Cranes

Published 23 Jun 2021

Are you aware of the regulations for testing new cranes? It is vital that when testing …

It’s Time To Get Those Rigs Checked!

Published 16 Mar 2021

...But why is it so important to have your rig checked regularly by a team of professionals? As …

Loose Lifting Gear: What are the Safety Measures You Should Take?

Published 16 Mar 2021

Due to the size, weight and the work they have to carry out on a day to day basis it …

Rig Inspection Promo 2021

Published 15 Feb 2021

During February and March we are offering 15% discount off any rig inspection carried …

70m Super Yacht Completes Load Tests for All Deck Equipment

Published 13 Aug 2020

Our load testing team were contracted to perform a range of tests on various cranes …

Re-stepping S/Y Panthalassa: Rigging in the time of Covid19

Published 17 Apr 2020

Yesterday was a day of firsts for the RSB team; it was the first big rig step of …

Load Testing, Heavy Lifting, and Certification FAQs

Published 14 Jan 2020

Regulations and Standards - What is the difference between a regulation and a …

RSB have been Recycling all the old PBO and Kevlar Cables

Published 7 Jan 2020

The word on the breeze of the world is ‘sustainability’ ...conscious people are …



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