How Often Do You Inspect Your Harnesses?

How Often Do You Inspect Your Harnesses?

Published 29 May 2018
Published 29 May 2018

A little safety and inspections trivia… Did you know that it is required that you visually inspect your harnesses before every use? And by a certified professional every six months?

So what to look for you ask? … It must be in good condition and have;
– No paint on it
– No markers on it
– No damage
– No fraying
Your lifting gear and your harnesses need to be free and clear of all the above. This applies to slings, pad-eyes, shackles, and harnesses.

It is also required for a qualified person to inspect and certify the lifting gear annually, including:
– Slings
– Shackles
– Pad-eyes
– Engine lifting points
– Chain Hoists
– Appliances and accessories

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